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I guess I’m numb today.  I just found out that one of my major loves is about to die and I can’t do a thing.  I’m helpless.  It’s a horrible thing to go threw though.  I have now done it twice. Not anything I recommend to anyone.  Not even my worst enemies!!!  Not that I have any.

And then of course I look at the Kardashians, who are now called the Kennedys of 2016……. And their lives are SO perfect.  I know they have all gone threw a ton.  Scott is a dick to Kourtney, Lamar has tortured Khloe, and Kim…………well Kim knows WTF she’s doing.  And so does her Mother Kris.  Amazing that Kris Jenner is with a VERY young dude.  You go girl!  Do you!

And I still can’t believe Lamar is still alive.  He’s beyond blessed.

Not quite understanding the Rob and Blac thing.  They are engaged.  It’s pretty weird tough since Kylie is with her Baby Daddy Tyga.  The family is NOT happy that he had to pick her.  But once again I guess if he’s happy…………You go Rob……….  I have a funny feeling that there’s much more we don’t know about them.  We don’t know anything about any of the Kardashians really.

I would just like their cash……………..  Just saying!!!!!!!!!

Yep, I’m still numb.  Life is a very cruel joke some days…….

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Purple Rain And Loss………….

Unfortunately we all know now Prince is gone.  He was an incredible man and performer.

And he was much much more………..  Many people don’t know that he NEVER took a lesson in his life. He just knew how to play all instruments and read music  He was a truly gifted man.  I’m sure also a tortured soul.  Life is cruel………….  I’ve known incredibly intelligent men, and they are or have been sad and depressed.

I loved the movie Purple Rain.  According to TMZ,  the movie was close to his real life.  He didn’t have it easy.  But to listen to his parents fight every night must have been horrible.  I love the movie because he won.  He got out of the shit he grew up in.  He made it.

I honestly hope he is dancing in the Purple Rain right now.  I hope I end up there one day if I’m lucky.



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Real Girls Vs. Real Dolls

I am fascinated with the new Real Dolls that you can buy.  That is if you have 3K to 5K at your disposal.  I came upon these dolls in many articles and I saw a documentary as well.  I was amazed that you can actually buy a Doll to your exact liking. They leave no details untouched.  You can pick weight, height, hair color, eye color, breast size, etc.  And of course for even more cash they will throw in all the clothes she will need and you want her to wear.

In general it is men that buy these Real Dolls.  As a woman I wouldn’t mind one myself!!   I would want a man though!  Lol.  They come via UPS and you have your new mate asap!  When you think about it, it’s pretty cool.  They are exactly what you want.

The first time I experienced a Real Doll was ironically on a freeway.  I almost wrecked!!  It was a man with his RD and he was driving 90 MPH, but still was able to caress and talk with her.  It was too funny!  Or was it?  That was his woman.  He clearly cared for her.

And then came the movie Lars And The Real Girl.  Ryan Gosling plays an extremely shy man who can’t connect with people on any level.  He is an out cast and finds it impossible to connect with people ever.  He actually feels physical pain if he is touched by a REAL human.  So therefore he orders his RD.  His brother is thrilled when he announces he has a “girlfriend”.  But things take a turn when he brings her over for dinner.

In the end he finds his way back to the Real World.  But it takes him much time, pain and tolerance of his family, community and an incredible therapist.

Like I said, he came be able to be touched by a Real Girl instead of his Doll.

But really is it SO bad to buy a RD?

It’s 2016………….  I can totally see in the not so distant future people buying their lovers.  I’m sure you will be able to program them to say, do whatever you want.

I think Lars had the right idea.   Maybe????

It’s an interesting topic and as I said many many  people are building their perfect RG as I type..


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It’s amazing to me that people are SO uptight about sex.  And then ironically, they tell me what they want and do generally at night.  Why are people so afraid in 2016 to say they want and love to have sex??

It’s human nature to want to be loved, touched, held and everything else ……………………  that I won’t go into right now!   I don’t want to offend some people.

I think sex is the BEST part of life.  No one should hide what they want or feel ashamed.  I think it’s great when people actually put it out there and say what they want and need and desire………  That’s powerful!!!!

Next topic will be fetishes…………..  What’s yours??


YOLO!!!!!!!!!!!   Life is short.  Get laid and have fun!!!!!!!!!!

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Kylie’s Awesome New Lips

Who doesn’t love a new Kardashian with a new look.  Her DSL’s are SMOKING hot!!!!!!!

Let me know what you think about them and I guess we allllll need to talk about Bruce/Caitlyn.  I’m sure I spelled that wrong!!!  Sorry……………



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Will we ever know?

People don’t like to talk about it, but many LOVE the dark side.  It’s sexy to be whoever you want in a chat room.  You leave your whole REAL life behind and just get to play and escape……………..   It’s awesome………….  Come to ACW and enjoy and have some fun!

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We’re Back!

ACW is back! I will be online Wednesday 4-13 11AM-11PM. Hope we can chat then! Have Fun!

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